Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Love marriage and its advantages

Love marriage and its advantages

Word love marriage is commonly used in our society when a boy and girl manually
decide to marriage after love. In such case the boy and girl start their relation as
friendship which converts soon in love. If they feel more comfortable to each other they
decided to marriage. In most cases, parents have no role to pay because it all happens
without their knowledge. Mostly boys and girls did not use to tell their family members
or parents about their love. But they share all happenings with their close friends.

In arrange marriage boy and girl do not know much about each other which can create
some serious problems in their lives. But in love marriage they know very well about
each other included likes and dislikes. They feel much comfortable to begin their
marriage life. But a love marriage can be unsuccessful, if boy and girl have a short
period to understand each other and just go to get marriage.

Love marriage can be great source of happy life if both partners cooperate with each
other as well. Love marriage can make your life very proud because love is the name
of care, affection, understanding, sharing the happiness. Most positive point of love
marriage is that it holds on personal choice of lovers with responsibility.

In love marriage both partners respect the likes and dislikes of each other and do not
try to force any thing on partner. Love marriage also affects the thoughts of lovers about
their children marriage in future. A love marriage is only based on trust on each other.
Trust is the key to make successful a relation like that. If a love marriage gets failed boy
or girl can’t blame on anyone for this but in arrange marriage boy or girl do such and
blame their parents for this.

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