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Bronchitis – Signs and Treatment

Bronchitis – Signs and Treatment

Bronchitis is a very severe disease and it is a swelling and irritation of bronchi. Bronchi are
the air passage of human beings. The bronchitis is of many types like acute bronchitis and
chronic bronchitis. The acute form of bronchitis is the worst form of bronchitis. If bronchitis
has become very old and severe then it is called chronic bronchitis. It is a very severe disease
and there are many signs and symptoms of this infection like difficulty in breathing, cough
and many other symptoms. In the case of chronic bronchitis you can face severe pain while
breathing. The actual cause of this disease is still unknown but some factors contribute in the
development of this disease. The most important factors includes smoking, use of alcohol,
environmental problems, pollution, spray of chemicals and weakened immune system. These
are very important and common causes of bronchitis but the contribution of smoking is great
and maximum. In the most of the real cigarettes tobacco is used as a source of vapors and this
tobacco is very harmful for human lungs because it destroys bronchitis. Air sacs and passages
in lungs are called bronchi. The infection and swelling of bronchitis is possible with the smoking
therefore it should be prohibited.

If you are suffering from this infection then you need to avoid from smoking and alcohol
because the use of smoking will make the condition severe. Therefore you should avoid from it.
Bronchitis is not a mild problem instead it is a very severe problem and it can cause the death
of patient therefore early treatment is very necessary. The treatment of this disease includes
the use of certain medicines and pills. But the effective treatment of bronchitis is avoidance.
The patient should avoid from all disease causing factors because it is most important. A
lot of medicines and drugs are available in the world for the treatment of bronchitis but the
most famous and popular medicine is prednisone. Prednisone is a mostly used medicine in
the world because it is used for the treatment of various disorders and disease like allergic
reactions, infections, inflammations and back pain. In most cases prednisone for bronchitis is
used because it is very effective and reliable medicine. There are also available various other
medicines for the treatment of bronchitis but prednisone is reliable and effective because it is
curative in action. It provides fast and better relief against bronchitis. If you are suffering from
bronchitis then you should contact with any skilled doctor because the diagnosis of this disease
is not simple. The symptoms of bronchitis are complicated. The most common and important
signs of bronchitis are listed below

  • Continuous sneezing and wheezing
  • Shortness of breathing is also a important symptoms
  • Severe pain during breathing
  • Pain in the muscles
  • Fatigue

  • Difficulty in breathing in the morning
  • Severe fever and chills
  • Cold

These are very common and important symptoms of bronchitis. If you have information about
the signs and symptoms of bronchitis then you can easily diagnose this disease. Prednisone is
a very effective medicine for the treatment of bronchitis and other lung diseases. Therefore
most of the doctors recommend prednisone for bronchitis. Prednisone is a systemic medicine
therefore after taking this medicine goes directly to blood stream and it becomes a part of
human body. This medicine affects the immune system and it increases the performance of
immune system. For the better treatment of bronchitis it is necessary to use it for 2 weeks. You
should decrease the dosage so that you can easily stop this medicine after relief. Therefore
you should meet with your doctor and have information about the dose of prednisone. If you
are using this medicine then you can face several side effects because it is a very powerful
medicine. The use of Prednisone for bronchitis is best treatment you can have because it is a
systemic medicine. The most common side effects of prednisone are listed below

  • Increase in weight
  • Hypertension
  • Headache is also possible
  • Suppression in the growth
  • Diabetes
  • Bones weakness

If you observe these symptoms while taking prednisone then it is better to stop using this

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