Saturday, 24 December 2011

Disneyland Resort – Best Place for Vacations

Disneyland Resort – Best Place for Vacations

Disneyland resort is one of the very famous resorts in the world. It is a recreational resort that
is located in the California. It receives thousands of tourists each year from different countries.
The important thing about this resort is that it consists of two theme parks and some luxury
hotels. There is also present shopping, dining and recreational area called downtown Disney.
This resort was developed by a person know as Walt Disney in 1950. It was opened for tourists
in 1955. It has wider parking place and hotel for accommodation. The whole system operated
and handled by jack who is business partner of Walt Disney. In 1960 parks and sport grounds
were not present in Disneyland resort but now a lot of things are available for tourists.

Now tourists are moving towards this resort around the whole world because it has become a
center for tourists. It is affordable and cheap place for summer vacation. If you want to enjoy
your holidays in a better way then this resort is a best choice for you. Some most important
attractions of this place include Disney Land Park, Disney California Adventure Park and Disney
land hotel. Disney paradise hotel is also very famous and it can provide accommodation for 1
thousand tourists. National park is also present and it contains various endangered species of
trees and plants. Plucking of flowers is not allowed in this park. Therefore if you want to have
better holidays then you should select Disneyland resort for your vacations.

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  1. Well I think my kids will enjoy on this place because I'm sure that this will be look a like of a real disney land. Thanks for sharing this review. I will surely bring my kids here so that they will enjoy their summer vacation.

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