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Depression causes & treatment

Depression causes & treatment

Are you suffering from depression? A depression is a very common and severe disease.
It is reported in the whole world. You can face this problem in your life at any stage. It
is also called sadness. What is the main cause of depression? There are many cause of
depression like sudden loss of any thing like money and job. Similarly economical losses
are also important. The depression may also result due to some various diseases. It is
a very common disease and everybody is familiar with this. Depression depends upon
several factors like age and medical condition of patient. Usually depression is reported
in people under the age of 50 years. Similarly medical condition of a person is also
very factor in the development of this disease. If you are suffering from any disease or
pain then you can face depression. The over burden of work is also an important factor.
Lack of exercise and better food is also a main cause of depression. The treatment of
depressions is very important because delay in the treatment may be very fatal. Usually
the symptoms of this disease are very common. Most of the people don’t take the
symptoms serious.
You can easily observe depression with the help of its symptoms because its symptoms
are very clear and visible. If you are suffering from any one of the following problems
then you should consider as a symptom of depression

• Sleeping problem is a sign of depression. If you can not sleep more then you
should suppose it a symptom of this disease
• If you are feeling hopeless and helpless then it may be a sign of depression
• If you are suffering from this disease then you cannot control your negative thoughts
• Loss and suppression of appetite is also a major sign
• You may be more aggressive than usual in this disease
• Thinking about suicide
• Consumption of alcohol

If you observe any one of the following symptoms then you should contact with your
doctor because it is necessary for you. The depression is not same for all instead it is
different for various people because it depends upon the age and medical condition of
patient. You should have information about the symptoms of this disease because any
delay may be harmful for you. The most common depression symptoms are listed below

• Feeling of hopelessness and loneliness
• Lack of interest in the routine activities of life
• Feeling and thinking about suicide
• Appetite changes and weight loss
• Loss of energy is also common
• Sleep changes and problems
• Lack of interest in life
• Loss of energy
• Fatigued
• Reckless behavior
• Sluggishness
• Pain in the different areas of the body
• Depression and suicide thoughts
• Talking about harming and killing others

These are very important and common depression symptoms and everybody should
familiar with depressions symptoms. Depression is very common in the male and
females. If you observe any one of the following symptoms then it is better to contact
with your doctor so that he can provide you better treatment. The treatment of this
problem is not difficult because you can find a large no of medicine and drugs related
to this problem. First of all you should avoid from the causes of depression. There are
many causes of this disease like over burden of work, sudden loss of money, job loss
and many others. Similarly unemployment and tiredness is also a major cause of this
problem. First of all you should take more rest because it is very important. You need
to meet with any good and experienced doctor.
When you observe some symptoms of depression then you should talks with your
health provider about. It is real fact that this disease is increasing with the passage
of time because of over burden of work and lack of better and pure food. Especially
in the united state you can find a large no of patients related to this problem. Early
treatment of this disorder is very important because any delay in the treatment may
cause great loss. Exercise is also beneficial for the treatment of this disorder.

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